ElderSens Releases DiaperSens Smart Diaper Sensor for Wet Adult Diaper Automatic Alerts on Amazon


MILPITAS, Calif.--()--ElderSens, a Silicon Valley startup company aiming to improve elderly care with low-cost wearable diaper sensors, has released the DiaperSens smart diaper sensor on Amazon for purchase. This product is also open to OEM/ODM to major brands worldwide.

The new reusable DiaperSens sensor, with proprietary design specifically invented for detecting wet adult diapers, is attached to the outside of typical commercial diapers with DiaperSens Adhesives, which are also available for purchase on Amazon. Once paired with the smartphone app (available on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store for free), caregivers can monitor diaper status continuously, saving time compared to periodic physical checks. Therefore, DiaperSens will increase convenience for taking care of loved ones at home.

In addition to elderly care, the DiaperSens sensor is also an excellent option for parents of babies and toddlers. Parents will be notified whenever their child’s diaper needs to be changed, ensuring that their child stays clean and healthy.

“We are excited to introduce this smart diaper product to the home care market in response to a strong customer demand. In addition to the previously announced DiaperSens system for assisted care facilities, the new product enables us to provide a more comprehensive solution to the problems that caregivers face,” said Dr. Li Li, co-founder of ElderSens.

On Amazon, DiaperSens smart diaper sensor can be found at:
DiaperSens Adhesive Refill kit can be found at:

About ElderSens

ElderSens is a leading Silicon Valley startup company providing innovative elderly care solutions. Its smart diaper sensor is designed specifically for adult diaper application. The sensor works with smartphone applications for home care.

ElderSens also provides a DiaperSens system for senior centers and hospitals. The system consists of wearable diaper sensors, proprietary mesh indoor network, and a cloud based platform to continuously monitor patients and send real-time alerts to caregivers. The system can improve patient care and reduce operational costs.

The company has recently announced the availability of a disposable smart diaper sensor too. The ultra-low cost flexible sensor is designed to be embedded inside the diaper. We are ready to work with diaper companies to integrate the sensor into different smart diaper products.



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