ElderSens Unveils Sub-$1 Disposable Smart Diaper Sensor at Las Vegas CES 2018 Today


LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ElderSens announces the availability of a highly sensitive and low-cost smart diaper sensor. The flexible sensor is designed to be embedded inside the diaper, alerting caregivers when the diaper needs to be changed. It can be discarded together with the used diaper. This cost-effective solution is meant to reduce the workload of caregivers, and to reduce the skin rash and infections caused by wet diapers. Please meet us at CES 2018, Sands Hall G, # 51683 – Eureka Park.

For cost reasons, many smart diaper products rely on reusable sensors. The caregiver needs to remove and to reattach a reusable sensor during each diaper change. If a disposable sensor is embedded into the diaper, the diaper change process will be further simplified, and a better user experience achieved. However, the cost of a single-use smart diaper must be sufficiently low to be accepted by consumers. ElderSens’ groundbreaking smart diaper sensor introduces costs well below $1 and provides an ultimate solution in the diaper market.

This disposable smart diaper sensor works well with ElderSens’ previously announced DiaperSens ecosystem. The DiaperSens system consists of Bluetooth sensors, Bluetooth to Wifi mesh network, and a cloud based platform to continuously monitor diaper status and to send real-time diaper change notifications to caregivers.

“We are excited to bring the sub-$1 disposable sensor into the diaper market. This new product not only improves our DiaperSens system for the assisted elderly care market, it also provides a user-friendly solution to the baby diaper market by working with smartphone Apps,” said Dr. Li Li, co-founder of ElderSens. “We are ready to work with diaper companies to integrate the sensor into different smart diaper products,” continues Li.