ElderSens Deploys DiaperSens Elderly Care System to House of Psalms

MILPITAS, Calif. & OAKLAND, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--House of Psalms, a private Assisted Living Facility in Oakland, CA has deployed ElderSens’s DiaperSens Network to further improve the quality of elderly care provided. The deployment followed a thorough collaboration and trial between the two companies where ElderSens successfully demonstrated the benefits of its cloud-based Platform and its adaptability to the specific needs of House of Psalms.
The DiaperSens Network consists of reusable Bluetooth-sensors, Bluetooth to Wifi routers, and cloud-based software to monitor patients. The platform provides individual and/or group patient data and sends timely diaper change alerts to caregivers and stakeholders.
“We were excited to demonstrate the benefits and the adaptability of our DiaperSens Platform to House of Psalms, while also pleased to receive valuable feedback to further advance our products and the ElderSens Cloud Services,” said Dr. Li Li, co-founder of ElderSens. “We are dedicated to support House of Psalms deployment and other on-going trials in the market, while we proceed with the development of the remaining products announced as part of our platform, all part of our commitment to deliver the most advanced and complete elderly care platform solution on the market,” continues Li.
“We are impressed by the accuracy, ease of use and deployment, and the support we received from ElderSens during the trial and system deployment,” stated Ms. Chen, CEO at House of Psalms. “We are confident that this solution will improve the comfort and well-being of our patients, reduce risks of urinary infections and hospitalizations, and allow us to optimize our staff deployment to provide the required patient care,” she added. “We look forward to continuing our collaboration with ElderSens in influencing and evaluating upcoming products on the ElderSens Platform,” Ms. Chen concluded.

About ElderSens

ElderSens is a startup Company addressing the elderly care market with its platform for diaper sensing, location monitoring, fall prevention, and vital sign sensing and other services to improve patient care, reduce operational costs and greatly reduce liability in assisted care facilities.

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