ElderSens Launches DiaperSens System for Elderly Care


ElderSens, a leading startup Company improving elder care and lowering operational costs for assisted living facilities has launched its DiaperSens Network. DiaperSens Network consists of wearable sensors outside the patients’ diaper which sends SMS text alerts to the assisted living staff to change diapers when necessary.

The DiaperSens Network is solving the problem nurses and assisted care facilities face with elderly populations where wet diapers cause skin rash and in some cases infections. DiaperSens sensor technology identifies when the diaper is wet and notifies designated staff members with an SMS text message to their phone. The staff benefits by working to address those patients who need their diaper changed rather than being checked every two hours as is standard practice in many facilities.

The DiaperSens Network consists of Bluetooth sensors, Bluetooth to Wifi routers, and cloud based software to monitor patients and to send alerts. The cost of the system can pay for itself within the first few months of operation by reducing the extra staff currently deployed to check diapers on a regular basis. DiaperSens text alerts the staff and can prioritize which patients need diaper changing within seconds of identifying those with wet diapers. Patients benefit by having dry diapers and reducing or eliminating infections and in some cases hospitalization.

DiaperSens has been undergoing clinic trial at major Health Care Networks where it was seen as a problem solving technology. The Company is offering an introductory trial to select customers for 30 days. The cost of the system is approximately $60 per patient and many will see an immediate return on investment reducing the number of staff performing diaper checking on 24 hour rotation.

ElderSens is a startup Company addressing the elder care market with its technology platform for diaper sensing, fall and location detection, and other services to improve patient care, reduce operational costs and greatly reduce liability in assisted care facilities. The Company has partnered with a major health network to trial its first product, DiaperSens.


Li Li, 208-272-0078
VP of Technology Development